Protractor Timeout Ubuntu (Linux)

Life’s Good right now, I just joined an amazing team and I’m working on a huge Angularjs project. This project is what I’ve been looking for some time now. I get to work with my favourite OS Ubuntu and get to work with the latest web application technology.

After cloning the project onto my Ubuntu dev machine, I ran into the following problem when running protractor tests:
Error: Timed out waiting for the WebDriver server at

This timeout issue only seemed to occur on Ubuntu machines, on Mac OS this was not an issue. Anyway after weeks of investigation I found a solution. The solution is quite simple all you need to add to your protract config file is the following:

allScriptsTimeout: 110000, 
chromeOnly: true

That’s it, no more timeouts.

Have you come across any weird issues with protractor? Please kindly share your experience below in the comments section.