Condensed Leadership Programme (CLP) Part 1

In my last blog post, I talked about Taming forms with React and Formik and showcasing the FormikWorkflow pattern to handle complex forms. That was some time ago, and wow, a lot has changed since then. And something different for my blog, instead of the techie article post, I am going to focus on leadership this time around. Just like everything needs Leadership, in tech, we also need Leadership.

Back in 2020, not only was I coding formik workflows, but I was also doing a Condensed Leadership Programme (CLP) at Allan Gray.

What is a CLP?

CLP is an annual programme that Allan Gray offers to selected Allan Gray staff that have been identified as future leaders for Allan Gray. Usually, talented candidates with an average of 4 to 5 years tenure at Allan Gray. The CLP is divided into five blocks, each block has 2 to 3 modules, and the programme is one year long. In addition, candidates are divided into teams, and each team has about 6 to 7 people. The CLP concludes with a project presentation from each team, and all team members get to present. All teams start working on these projects from block two onwards.

CLP kick-off venue Stellenbosch winelands
CLP kick-off venue Stellenbosch winelands

Block One

Our first block kicked off in style on a wine farm in Stellenbosch. The modules in block 1 were: 

  • Authentic Leadership,
  • Enneagram & Leadership Style
  • Ethics
  • Leading with EQ

Overall, block one focused on us as leaders and the style we would choose to lead. Also, another theme from this was “there is no right or wrong” way to lead, there is only your way, and as long as you are authentic, you will find your own unique style of Leadership. My favourite module from block one was the Enneagram module. As a toolset, the Enneagram is impressive. I was able to find answers to some of my own quirkiness regarding my Enneagram type. In addition, I gained insights into other Enneagram types.

The preceding was the first of four parts about my valuable experience & learnings from the Condensed Leadership Programme. In part 2, lockdowns happen, and it seems the CLP is over. However, it continues virtually. In part 3, I learn about coaching. And finally, part 4, my team’s project, presentation, and CLP graduation.