Hard Work Overrides Talent

“hard work overrides talent” Curtis 50 Cent Jackson quote to┬áKendrick┬áLamar

I too relate to this a lot because growing up I wouldn’t say that I was super talented, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by talented people especially at Parktown Boys’ High School. I was so blessed to have so many friends, from different backgrounds, different ages and with so much talent.

It was amazing to watch my talented friends do their thing whether it was sports, academic, drama, and other activities. Their passion rubbed onto me, so I became passionate.

I found my niche in programming, I still remember the first time I saw a programming language. I had just started High School at Parktown Boys’ High (Best boys’ school in the world) and I was in the boarding house called Vulcans. One of my senior’s who’s nickname was snakey (because of His small frame) was at the computer centre working on His computer science home work. The screen was blue, and the text on the screen was yellow and I remember seeing it and being so amazed by what I saw on the screen. At the time I didn’t know what I was looking at, but I really liked what I was seeing. So I asked Andrew (Snakey) what is that? and He told me this is a programming language called PASCAL. I told Him I want to do this as well. He then told me that I must work really hard in order to understand the basics of programming because once I know the building blocks of programming and I have a solid foundation, I’ll be able to code anything. So my journey began…

In 2005 I started my professional software development career at a small IT company called amaDigital. There I was given the opportunity to take lead working directly with clients and building entire web application systems. Fast forward many years later and I am now Tech Lead working a large corporate. Like I said when I started this post, I’m not the most talented person, what I have is the ability to visualise what it is I want or need to create and I put the in the work to create that.

Being a programmer is awesome, there’s so many cool tools & techniques being created by amazing programmers. I myself believe it’s my responsibility to use these tools & techniques to create applications which will somehow contribute to society. For me it would be awesome to be known amongst the best programmers as that guy who created that amazing web application which revolutionised how business is done in Africa. and When they ask me How I did it? I’ll just say Hard Work and self belief.